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Minami Alps City – a Paradise in Spring (Togenkyo)

  As March fades and the weather warms, Minami Alps welcomes the spring season.
  The beginning of April is heralded by the peach trees, prevalent in Minami Alps, which begin to bloom all at once.
  Comparable to Togenkyo (the ancient and mysterious Chinese utopia), the vibrant flowers and peach trees of Minami Alps accentuate a majestic view of nearby Mount Fuji and the surrounding mountain ranges.
  The cherry blossom – the quintessential symbol of Japan – also begins to bloom from the end of March to the beginning of April in Minami Alps.
  Depending on the weather that year, it is only in Minami Alps where we can see the unique combination of cherry blossoms along with the blossoms of the peach tree.