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Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots in Minami Alps City

  Miami Alps is home to many cherry blossom viewing spots.
  Here are a few of the best: Ikoino sakura namiki – a picture-perfect postcard street canopied by two rows of cherry trees.
  On fine days a snow-capped Mount Fuji is visible, making the scene complete.
  For those who are interested in cultural Japan Myoryouji no Shidarezakura – a beautiful and ancient ‘weeping cherry tree’ located on the grounds of Myoryou Temple is highly recommended for a visit.
  Japanese also enjoy viewing cherry blossoms in the evening, known as yozakura.
  A popular place to do this is along the Tokushima canal – Tokushimasegi no Sakura Namiki.
  With the blooming cherry trees illuminated, a sublimely calm Japanese evening can be experienced.