Mountains of Minami-Alps

Mountains of Minami Alps, Japan

Our city is located right next to Japan’s Minami Alps. In Minami Alps, there are several high mountains, such as Kitadake (3,193meters), Ainodake (3,190 meters), Noutoridake (3,026meters), Senjogatake (3,033 meters), Kaikomagatake (2,967 meters), Houousanzan(2,841 meters), Kushigatayama (2,052 meters) and Yashajin Pass (1,770 meters).

Kitadake is the second highest mountain after Mt. Fuji.

Kitadake, Manodake and Noutoridake, know as Shirane Sanzan From Yashajin Pass, you can see a nice view of Shirane Sanzan. If you enjoy hiking, you can trek up Kushigatayama.

If you want to know more about the Minami Alps of Japan, you can visit Ashiyasu Sangakukan Museum.(TEL055-288-2125)


mt_kitadakeKitadake is a mountain at an altitude of 3,193m in the Minami-Alps city of Yamanashi Prefecture.
It is the second highest peak in Japan after Mt. Fuji, one hundred Japan mountains, one of Yamanashi Muyama mountains. It has been familiar to many mountaineers since ancient times, flower gardens are also splendid. Alpine plants of the endemic seedlings grow naturally around the summit.
On the east slope of Kita-dake there is a rock wall about 600 meters high, continuing from the summit called Kita-dake buttress. Changing courses such as dynamic forests unique to the Southern Alps, snowy rocks and forest trees are popular reasons.


mt_ainodake006Mt.Ainodake is the highest peak in Japan with 3,190m above sea level and is one of the 100 famous mountains in Japan.
Kita dake, together with the agricultural bird mountain is called Shirane Sanzan. Located in the center of Shirane Sanzan, both the summit and the mountains are vast and you can learn about the history of the earth on the Earth on the east and double on the double crest. The view of the main ridge is also wonderful, and you can enjoy exhilarating ridgeline walking.
Also, you can enjoy vegetation different from Kitadake. The summit is a prefectural boundary with Shizuoka prefecture and has a source of Oi River.


mt_noutoriNoutoridake is one of the 100 famous mountains in Yamanashi.
The altitude 3,026m.
It is called Shirane Sanzan in combination with Kita dake, Mt. Nakanodake, located in the southern part of Shirane Sanzan in late June, snow type like swan appeared in the east side of the summit in the end of June, this was the standard of the farm calendar It is the origin of Yamaji.
Pushing the chest wall against the east side, the main edge is twisted, so it has complicated terrain.
The mountaintop is divided into two east and west peaks, and you can see the mountains of the Southern Alps.


mt_senjouSengogatake is a mountain with an altitude of 3,033m in the northern part of the Akaishi mountain range.
The mountain is relatively calm and it is called “Queen of the Southern Alps.” Even beginners can climb safely with few dangerous places.
The view from the top is extremely good, as well as the mountains of Mt. Fuji and the Southern Alps, Yatsugatake, Okuchi Chichibu, Central Alps and the North Alps can be viewed at once.
It is also known as a very abundant mountain of alpine plants. One of the 100 famous mountains in Japan.


mt_kaikomaKaiKomagatake is a mountain with an altitude of 2,967m located at the northern tip of the Akaishi Mountains.
KaiKomagatake which was acknowledged by Hisaya Fukada is a very attractive pyramidal mountain whose entire mountain is covered with granite and is also prominent from a distance.
It is a popular mountain where you can enjoy a dynamic mountaineering view.
It is designated as one hundred famous mountains in Japan, one hundred mountains in Yamanashi.

Houousanzan(Yakushidake 2,780m)

mt_hououHouousanzan is a mountain lump mainly composed of Mt. Yakushidake (2,780m), Mt. Kannon (2,841m), and Jizogake (2, 764m).
The exhilarating longitudinal course which can be climbed relatively easily continues with the ridgeline covered by the sandy ground of granite, and it is easy to see the magnificent scenery such as Shirane Sanzan and Mt. Fuji.
At the top of the mountain of Jizo-gatake, a large pillar of up to 18 m in height stands, its fantastic miracles have been loved by old people since the ancient times, known as mountains of faith and legends.
(Kannondake 2,841m)
(Jizogatake 2,764m)


mt_kushigatayamaMt. Kushiyama is located on the west side of the Kofu Basin, and has a large mountain like a faceder comb. The altitude is 2,052m.
It is known as “mountain of flower” which can meet many flowers blooming in Takayama, sub-alpine, such as Tamurasou / Janagiran.
From the forest road along the way you can see Mt. Fuji and Shirane Misan. One of the Yamanashi Mamiyama mountains.

Yashajin Pass(1,770m)

mt_yashajinYashajin Pass is located in the mountain of the avant-garde of the Southern Alps and is located at the southern end of Houousanzan.
In addition to being a rich nature and a prime observation platform of Shirane Misan, the hillside of Houousanzan, the route is easy to clarify in about one hour, so I attract a lot of people throughout the four seasons.
It is the best place to enjoy a lunch box while looking at Shirane Miyama in front, it is a recommended spot for climbing a family.
Especially recommendation is the period of May of the fresh green and the middle of October of the autumn leaves.

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