Day trip onsen

There are seven public day trip onsen (natural hot spring) facilities in our city.
Some facilities may be closed in winter and even during season.
They may be closed during the week, so, please make sure if it is open by calling in advance.

Hakuhou Kaikan

TEL: 055-288-2321


This is a facility with Onsen and a restauraant, next to the public guest house “Minami-Alps Onsen Lodge.” Experience our outdoor onsen with the magnificent view. The hot spring has 300L/m water flow, and is good for neuralgia, digestive diseases, darmatosis, and arteriosclerosis. At the restaurant, you can enjoy the food made of local ingredients, Soba, Udon, rice bowls, seeing the great view of the mountains from the window.

Kanayamasawa Onsen

TEL: 055-288-2244


This hot spring is located at the entrance of Minami-Alps, and a popular place for mountaineers coming down from the mountains. The outside bath in the rich green nature will heal your body and soul. The adjacent park has BBQ spaces and climbing walls.

Yamanami no Yu

TEL: 055-280-3340


This is a recreational facility that anybody can enjoy. The spring quality is NaCLHCO3. The color is light brown, and the water is good for skin and recovery from fatigue. You can enjoy 12 different bathtubs, as well as the heated pool, the relaxation room, and the kids space.

Shirane Tougen Tenshoukaku

TEL: 055-285-5001


Hot spring in Shirane, the blessings of heaven. Shirane Tensho-Kaku uses this good quality hot spring “Tenkeisen,” the prominent high-alkali one in Japan with hydrogen-ion concentration of ph10.6. It also uses the very rare “Kiso Sawara cypress woods” for the bathtubs. You can bring your own food to the rest room.


TEL: 055-285-4131


Our onsens are all free-flowing; your body feels light in summer, warm in winter. There are three onsens with different temperatures (for men/women each), so you can enjoy your favorite ones. The spring quality is NaCLHCO3. At our restautant, you can choose from our various dishes from Chef’s recommendation of the day to Soba/Udon to set meals. Feel at home and enjoy our food.

Sakura no Sato Ikoi no Ie

TEL: 055-282-7610


This is a health enhancement facility with onsen, pool, and fintess gym. Our onsen has a lot of types including a whole body bath, a lie-down-style bath, a bubble bath, a sauna, and a cold water bath. The spring quality is alkalescent NaCLHCO3, and good for your health.