Instruction of the use a mountain hut

Matters that require attention


Be sure to take home all trash with you.

Make trash as small as possible and consider bringing food and supplies that generate less waste (trash).

Dispose cigarette butts into portable ashtrays and take them home.

2. Toilets

When you use Mountain hut toilet or public ones, please be considerate to those who are managing the facilities and those who will use them after you, keep them clean as they are.

Please use only water-soluble tissue or toilet paper that do not clogged up.

Please do not dump tissue packing or other waste in toilets.

In case you cannot find any toilets, please be sure to make use of an area separated from sources of water, and remove all tissues with you.

3. Protecting plants

We are all sharing this space with the plants and animals. Watch over them with care.

Please do not stray away from the hiking trails.

Please do not take flowers from the alpine fields, nor step into flower beds for the purposes of taking pictures or picking flowers.

Disposing of trash in the mountains does not only spoil the view but also has a bad influence upon the ecosystem of animal wildlife.

4. The use of a mountain hut

Mountain lodges are resting places for everyone, and a places to exchange information.

Minami Alps has severe climate and long distance courses. Be sure to allow enough time when planning your route. (Aim to arrive at your mountain lodge by 2p.m. in the afternoon.)

Please be sure to keep to your arrival time, so as not trouble others resting, and for the preparation of meals.

Be sure to allow enough time when planning your route.

The bedtime of the mountain hut is 8p.m. Please do not make noise or engage in conversation after this time, as much as possible.

In the early morning, make your departure without disturbing others still resting.

Please make all your preparations for the next day on the previous day. Also, take care so as not to bother others with noise such as rustling plastic bags etc.

Making preparations after lights out, or in the early morning, is a great source of disturbance for other people.

In time of high occupancy you may be asked to share 1 bed space with another (2 people).

5. Becoming lost

Do not attempt a valley crossing. Even if, at a glance, the valley seems passable, in reality it would likely lead to waterfalls and continuous cliffs. If you become lost, do not panic, retrace your steps to the most recent location, confirmed on your route, and once again confirm the hiking path.

6.Climbing party

Each member of a climbing party should check and confirm the route for themselves.

Make your pace with that of the slowest member of the party, and climb slowly to avoid over-exertion.

During the climb if any and all members of the group notice something unsafe, unclear, a shortage or discrepancy, please report it to the leader of their group without delay.

7. Preparations before entering the mountains

Be sure to make your choice of mountain climb according to your own skills and experience.

Be certain that you are physically ready for the climb, and avoid climbing when not rested or unwell.

Check any available T.V. radio or telephone weather reports, and do not try to do too much when the weather is bad.

Do not attempt a mountain climb alone. Accidents befalling solo climbers cannot easily receive the assistance of others, rescue may be delayed, and severe accidents may result in a solo climber going missing or suffering a fatal injury.

Feel free to contact a member of our staff at any time.